The target is better than a blogger's ad.

The target is better than a blogger's ad.

What makes "TARGET BETTER" than a BLOGGER's AD? And this is not because I do targeting, I also order ads when necessary, but let's start in order.

A CLEAR AND PREDICTABLE TOOL. In the ad for for a blogger, you pay the entire amount in advance💸, and wait for an ad, and then "pan" or"disappeared". In target, you take layouts, test them, find the ones that have the best response, and then launch the budget. It is simply impossible to lose money here, you see🔎 your result every day (even an hour), and you can spend only 100 on the test in the day.

YOU MANAGE YOUR GOALS🎯. You can put it on a set of subscribers, you can put it on traffic, you can promote a post, you can collect requests for a lead form, you can set it up immediately on WhatsApp, you can drive traffic to the site. There are a lot of goals and opportunities. When advertising with a blogger, none of this there is no🙈.

ANY OF THE SETTINGS. In your personal account Facebook, 98 settings options☝ ️, you can write for a long time, just say that you can show ads to a specific person. For example, a sales representative, 35 years old, living in Irkutsk, in the Novolenino district, who has an iPhone XR, and recently had a child. Yes, social networks they follow us and know everything about us📝, in the target, we can use all this data to increase the effectiveness of advertising.

Target audience, of course, you choose yourself.

DISPLAY TIME. The target doesn't have a time limit for displaying ads⏱. you can choose it yourself, and you can choose it yourself you regulate it. For a blogger, however, advertising runs for a day, and if it is in the middle of the week, or another not very successful day, there is a chance that some of the audience will simply not see it 🤷 ♂ ️

In General, here are a few points, the number of acceptable characters in the post ends, we will continue later. But I think that's all there is to it I see...