The main problems business owners and marketologov

The main problems business owners and marketologov

Wasting your budget...

I not only set up ads on my own, work with a team, and consult, but also teach them.
Not only 💓, but also because of this, I often see what problems novice targetologists and business owners are facing now, because a lot changes every year.
For example, it used to be easier, there were fewer touch points, and marketing and sales worked separately...

2 things that are often the main problem of entrepreneurs:
1. Lack of a transparent and simple business management spreadsheet. I opened it and everything is clear-here is some text on the ad brought in how many sales. What are the difficulties that are not being finalized?) How exactly the business earns money and what figures to look at.
2. Control-often the business owner does not understand the unit's Economics, principles, algorithms, and basic terminology, and does not want to, but in this case they will not be able to control it, which means that they do not manage their own business. business. For 11 years, I have never seen even a highly qualified specialist come and do everything for the owner.

And begins the "targetloc
leaked the advertising budget", but in practice sometimes this is not the case at all.

On Friday, I consulted a targetologist who had just finished her training and was still working on one of the projects good - price per sale, lead quality, high CTR, and other metrics.
But the price of 150 rubles per sale, as set by the customer at the price of goods in 4 thousand rubles did not work out)
It turned out that someone told the business owner such figures a year ago and he began to demand them from the taregologist, and the novice targetologist tried to reduce the price every day, what is unrealistic)

Little marketologov, which is still on your budget. Yes, if those who promise, do something, in the end will not get the result, and disappear.
But most of those who support projects simply live in the advertising Cabinet and improve their level.

❤Now and let more qualified professionals, and owners businesses will learn to set clear goals and learn a basic understanding.

Where is the easiest place to do this?

The club marketologov

where we analyze specific questions of each participant on the analysis and subtleties of setting up advertising campaigns, reporting, metrics, and improve our own results💯

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