What should I post on social networks?

What should I post on social networks?

So, we have already decided on the site selection. However, the joy did not last as long as I wanted – the following question arose: what, in fact, should I post? It is on this topic that we will run at an easy gallop: without a fundamental approach, but for a General understanding.

By and large, there are three types of content: selling, entertaining, and engaging. Consider them, as well as a few "bonus" (but extremely important) ones. But first…

Yes, at the first stage, it is important to look again at the selected sites themselves and their specifics. It is clear that you need to shoot videos for YouTube and, preferably, in an informational or entertainment nature. They are well met with the "how to do it" format, "reviews" and even interviews. For Instagram, it would be appropriate to pay special attention to the visual component of the post and feed, but with the length of the text you can safely experiment, in contrast toYandex.Zen – where a good, well-developed text will be welcomed more warmly than The Twitter format.

Okay, that was General psychology, but now it's closer to the point.

  • Let's start with the "selling" content. In essence-to him this applies to everything where we set a sales goal: stories about discounts, promotions, products, and so on. Such content is really important and often encourages users to take the right action. However, the trouble lies elsewhere. Alas, you can often find pages where they try to "sell" everything that is possible with each letter. As a rule, the involvement of such communities tends to zero, and this is logical: people are not particularly interested in going to places where the good old "buy, otherwise we won't sell"sounds on every corner. Therefore, this type of content needs to be properly dosed, diluted with other types, and sometimes even displayed separately in targeted form. ads.
  • The next stop is "informational" content. From the name, it is clear that it is used to convey certain information to subscribers. These can be news, Analytics, reviews, your expert opinion, or instructions. The goal of such content is to make it interesting for the audience. on your page, because here they get something new, interesting and useful. Again – it is important to understand what tone-of-voice relevant in each case, because the same story can be told very differently, which is also reflected in the reactions: will like, repost, save or post will fly in a pipe.
  • Social media is a two-goal game. Therefore, using only outgoing feeds is fundamentally wrong. In order to encourage people to take actions already in your address, it is customary to use content of the" Engaging " type: contests, surveys, discussions, quizzes, and so on. This really allows you to increase engagement in your community, which is always appreciated by the algorithms of all social networks. After all, if subscribers respond well to your content, it means that it is interesting, and you can raise it a little higher in the feed results.

By combining these three types, you can already provide more or less balanced posting for your fans – for which they will only be grateful.

For those who have finished reading these lines – a huge bonus, as promised. So, actually (wow!) content types can be divided into narrower categories, according to the goals you want to achieve. Ready for revelations? Great, here are some examples::

  1. To work out potential objections – we use successful cases, publish reviews and opinions, make collections in the style of "answers to questions" or " 100500 myths about...", post reviews and instructions.
  2. To identify the needs and analyze your audience, first of all, we conduct surveys. Moreover, we do this both in the classic form of built-in modules (there are in VK feeds, Instagram stories), and in the form of regular posts with a call to give feedback on a particular issue.
  3. For free promotion – we use viral content that will be distributed further by the audience. here's how to create one – the topic of a separate conversation.
  4. To expand your community – post your colleagues ' content with a link to them, encourage them to discuss your materials, or create a shared one from scratch. Such collaborations help to "exchange" audiences and build new, useful connections.

So finally – a few words about UGC. User-generated Content-created for you by the users themselves. An elementary example is sending real photos with your product and even banal (high-quality) comments under the posts. UGC helps you get closer to your audience, get real feedback, and often get new and fresh ones. ideas.

That's all for now. Further – more, but a little later! Good engagement and high sales to all of you :)