5 litre bag (pack of 10)




Bag-in-box (BIB) packaging is a convenient and economical alternative to bottles. Products can remain in good condition for weeks or months after opening, due to the one-way tap that prevents the entry of air into the bag during dispensing.

Pack of 10 BAGS ONLY (for 5 litre box):

  • Multi-layer for strength, low oxygen permeability and high oxygen barrier
  • Designed for hot fill/pasteurisation (up to 72°C)
  • Vitop tap and Vitop gland help prevent oxygen ingress
  • Tap includes a frontal tamper-evident tear strip
  • A small amount of pressure is sufficient to obtain a regular flow rate
  • Suitable for beer, cider and pasteurised apple juice (still, not carbonated), and oil
  • Tap can be connected to the Vitop Connector to enable easy connection to hand pumps in pubs
  • Made from polyethylene film (inner ply) and EVOH barrier film (outler ply) for strength, low oxygen permeability and high oxygen barrier
  • Vitop tap ensures a tight seal which will withstand several thousand manipulations each tap undergoes a tightness test at a pressure of 0.4 bar


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