Brood Cold Nitro Coffee Machine




Brood is the worlds leader in no keg Nitro Coffee machines.

Nitro Cold Brew has never been easier! Our groundbreaking Nitro V2PX draws cold brew coffee from any container, keg, or bag, chills it to 2°C, and infuses it with nitrogen extracted from the air. This means no separate nitrogen tank is required. Within seconds youll have velvety smooth Nitro Cold Brew in your hands!

It couldnt be easier to set up. All you need is Cold Brew coffee and power. This unit draws only 1.8 amps! Perfect for mobile operations or just companies that want to reduce their power usage.

No cuts in bench, no kegs, no gas tanks, no fridge. Set up in seconds and ready to pour in minutes.

East of Use

  • Consistency with every pour
  • 2DC Cooling Technology
  • Works with any beverage
  • Customised branding available
  • Low service and maintenance
  • Fully plug & play setup & use in under 2 mins


A Nitro V2PX is an easy way to boost your beverage sales. Its an exciting new way to serve coffee for your customers, especially non-coffee lovers who may find the taste of hot coffee bitter and harsh. Add homemade syrups, or better yet try infusing orange and cinnamon in your Cold Brew and taste how delicious itll be when served on nitro! The Nitro V2PX™ makes Nitro Cold Brew fun and versatile, so get creative with your recipes and start pouring!And for all you that have struggled with a traditional kegerator, we promise you that the Nitro V2PX eliminates all the hassle. Better yet, you get a consistent product at every pour and never a flat cup of nitro. Forget about your pressure regulator or switching your nitrogen tank. We all know how tedious that can be. Youll have more time to focus on your customers.


  • Reinforced spout for safe moving around. Great for transporting or moving the unit around. Other units have flimsy spouts which are known to break.
  • Machine body made from reinforced stainless steel. The unit looks much higher quality with the outer shell being one continuous piece of high-grade stainless steel. Will continue to look great for many years of careful use.
  • Pulls lower amps, the one tap pulls 1.8 amps compared to 3 amps of other units.
  • Pours 36L/ a minute and a constant 2c. Nothing comes this close.
  • Controls for temperature and nitro levels.
  • Easy to clean. Flush with water every 24 hours.
  • Air filter is 1 micron. Purest air only.
  • Comes with a bag in box adapter as standard
  • Large 750ml internal storage for large ready to pour service.
  • Cooler and more stable temperature dispensing.


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