iSi Nitro Coffee Dispenser (Whipper) 1L




Create cold, refreshing coffee at the touch of a button, with the Nitro coffee dispenser from iSi. The dispenser uses Nitro whipper bulbs to evenly and rapidly cool your coffee whilst providing a creamy and luxurious taste something that guests are sure to enjoy.

The dispenser includes an easy to clean construction that allows for each part to be removed and individually washed, aiding with hygienic practices. Made generally from stainless steel material, this dispenser is highly durable and able to withstand many uses saving you money on replacement bills.

Product features

  • Capacity 1 Ltr
  • Dimensions 34(H) x 104(W)mm
  • Weight 910g
  • Colour Silver
  • Fast and easy dispensing
  • Used with the DC028 whipper bulbs




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