Nuova Simonelli MDH Coffee Grinder



MDH is a new grinder designed to be the irreplaceable companion to the coffee machine in the hot drinks area for those who enjoy the pleasure of a high quality espresso at home, at the office, in a small hotel or a B&B, as if it were a real coffee bar.

Solid and reliable

Development work by Nuova Simonelli has enabled the creation of the Silent-block system on the body of the grinder which reduces noise. The “Silent-block” technology eliminates vibrations, and thus combines the pleasure of a good cup of espresso with the wellbeing of a silent setting.

MDH Power and performance

Is extremely precise. The micrometric grind regulation system favours maximum flexibility and better final precision.

Maximum precision

The 900 watt motor ensures powerful and uniform grinding without overheating the coffee with the use of flat 50mm steel alloy burrs.

Silent Operation

The body of this coffee grinder, made entirely in aluminium, makes MDH a robust grinder that is reliable over time. The style is in line with other Nuova Simonelli models.

Dimensions LxPxH 156.2213.2382.6 mm
Net weight 5 Kg
Bean hopper capacity 0.5 Kg
Voltage 110-220 V
Power 260 W
Burr diameter 50 mm


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