Toddy Commercial Cold Coffee Brewing System




Hundreds of leading coffeehouses & cafes throughout the U.S. and Canada utilize Toddys cold-brewed system.The Toddy Commercial system uses its patented cold-water extraction process to produce cold-brewed liquid coffee and tea extract that offers a full-bodied aromatic flavor profile that translates into a bold super-smooth taste.

Brew 2.3kgs of your favorite coffee and you should yield approximately 11 litres of extract.The Toddy Maker Cold Brew commercial model is a non-electrical brewer that produces a bold smooth [low acid] extract that is superior to powders and hot-brewed liquids in overall mixability quality and taste. Because of this many connoisseurs consider the Toddy the only way to create a delicious naturally sweet tasting cold coffee chai or tea beverage served over ice or as an iced blended latte or frozen drink.

The Toddy Commercial Model comes with bucket, lid, spigot, and lift. Please note this unit does not come with the filters or strainer. These can be purchased separately on our website.

The Toddy Commercial Model is BPA Free.

Commercial Toddy Coffee Instructions

The Commercial Toddy Maker is designed to brew 2.27kg of coffee at a time, and yield 11L of extract.

  • 1. Insert one Commercial filter into the strainer. Put strainer and filter into brewing container with the open end facing upwards.
  • 2. Put 2.27kg of course grind coffee into the filter.
  • 3. Pour approximately 6.6 litres of cool water into the open filter, making sure to saturate all the coffee grounds.
  • 4. Tie the filter bag closed with the attached string. The string should be tied approximately 3 inches from the top of the filter bag. Leave plenty of room for the coffee to move around. (Tying the bag too tight will result in dry pockets in the grounds and the coffee concentrate will be very weak.)
  • 5. Add 6.6 more litres of cool water to the brewing container.
  • 6. Optional: gently massage the grounds (through the strainer) to assure saturation.
  • 7. Cover with lid and let brew for 8-16 hours.
  • 8. Drain extract into suitable storage container, and refrigerate. Yield should be approximately 9.5 litres. If grounds block spigot, gently move grounds from in front of spigot.
  • 9. Disposal/clean-up Lift grounds and filter from brewing container using strainer. Dispose of filter and grounds (caution filter is fragile when wet and subject to tearing). Rinse strainer and air dry.

Note: strainer is re-usable, filter bag is not re-usable.


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