Toddy Commercial Maker Lift




Introducing the latest upgrade to the tried-and-true Toddy® Cold Brew System Commercial Model. The Lift makes it even easier to brew a batch in your Toddy system (no squeezing!) and increases the volume of cold brew you get out of every batch.

Brief Instructions:

  1. Insert the Lift into your Commercial Toddy Maker feet down so that the spigot is not obstructed.
  2. Using the lift as a shelf, insert filter bag, coffee and water to brew.
  3. When you are finished brewing, decant concentrate through the spigot into air-tight containers.
  4. Close spigot and let grounds rest for for 15-30 minutes. Coffee concentrate will flow from the elevated grounds into the bottom of the brewing container.
  5. Decant the rest of the concentrate.


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