Vitop Connector for bag-in-box




The Vitop connectors sits at the top of a bag-in-box dispensing solution and holds the tap open while pouring. A great solution for those looking to get into Nitro coffee but arent ready to install a full system

Product features

• Use with: bag-in-box dispensors

• Fitting: 10mm barb

A connector which fits over Vitop bag-in-box (BIB) taps and connects your bag to pumps in bars and restaurants. An inexpensive way to improve sales.

  • Easy to use and easy to clean
  • A secure fit
  • Designed to fit over Vitop BIB taps

Fitting to bag-in-box tap:

  • Push your product tube securely onto the nozzle of the Vitop connector
  • Remove the tamperproof seal from your BIB tap
  • Push the Vitop connector up onto the BIB tap and gently press down on the tap until you hear a little click which indicates closure
  • Push the pivoting part of the connector forward until it clicks securely over the BIB tap
  • Use the knob to dispense product


  • Unscrew the end piece
  • Remove the spring
  • Apply pressure from above to remove the white ring seal
  • Clean the ring seals, spring and the connector body with sanitising solution


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