How it Works


Compare Trading Pairs

In the initial phase, after a trading session has been started, our system scans all the exchanges on the market after assets with arbitrary trading volatility.

Too hard to understand? We search for price differences between exchanges.

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and many more..


22.2 cents


24.8 cents


Identify and trade the most profitable pairs

After the initial phase, a set of trading pairs with the highest price difference/profit ratio will be chosen.

The A.I. compare prices between exchanges, buys at a lower prices and sell at a higher on a different exchange.

Everything is automated and happens in a mater of miliseconds, therefore price fluctuations are avoided.


Set up a new order or withdraw your balance

After 24 hours, your funds are being unlocked and are available for withdrawal or for a new trading session.


Manual trading? Fibonacci? It's too complicated.
We search for price differences between exchanges: we buy low and sell high

Starting from a guaranteed 5% and up to 6% profit per day

When trading alone

  1. You do not have enough liquidity on all the exchanges available in order to trade arbitrary
  2. You are not fast enough. An average arbitrary window lasts up to 12 seconds. It takes at least 30 seconds to log in into one exchange - and you need two
  3. No safety nets unless self-imposed. You may lose money in bad trades
  4. You have access to limited amount of data you can analyse
  5. You may invest emotionally or take decissions based on emotions
  6. You are not 24/7 online or awake
  7. You cannot anticipate all the opportunities and will miss chances of profit

When using Tuga Trades

  1. We have liquidity in over 20 exchanges, constantly
  2. 1.21 seconds it takes to our system to register a trade. And we feel the need to brag and add that 0.89 seconds are spent while searching and comparing the price.
  3. You cannot lose money, in a bad scenario the price equalizes and the bot sells at the same price
  4. We can instantly compare prices, buy and sell and generate 5% to 6% profit in a matter of 1.21 seconds
  5. We have specifically coded our A.I. to have no emotions. It may end like in the Terminator but at least it won't lose your money. Our answer: Everything is automated.
  6. Also, we specifically coded our A.I. to never sleeps. Once you started a trading session, it will run for 24 hours
  7. We compare over 3300 tokens across more than
    20 exchanges EVERY 0.89 miliseconds
NEW Scared of commitments?

Introducing Trial Accounts

Try our service for 48 hours, with a lower deposit limit: 0.01 BTC or 0.3 ETH.

You can withdraw your deposit at any moment, along with the 5% daily profit
Alternatively, convert your account to a regular one and use our service daily!

Our Services

We offer the full spectrum of services to help organizations work better.

Instant Trading

Our A.I. through a network of bots trade instantly between all major exchanges to ensure the highest ROI per day.

Visual Trading

Gone! We developed a simple user experience and beautiful visualizations mean managing your trading sessions has never been easier


Our bots will help you make money while you sleep by trading for you. Designed to remove emotions from trading, our intuitive interface makes it easier than ever to gain profit.

Online Support 24/7

Whether you have a question or encountered a problem, our team is here to assist 24/7.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have gathered a list of frequently asked questions and recommend that you look them in the first instance.

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  • General
  • Getting started
  • Deposits
  • Withdrawals
  • Trading

01What is Tuga Trades?

Tuga Trades is a company based in London that provides one of the most advanced arbitrary trading platform.

02Where is Tuga Trades developed?

Tuga Trades LTD is developed, hosted and regulated in London with the company registration number of 12710897.

03Is Tuga Trades safe?

Our platform meets all the required safety standards that are required from cryptocurrency industry. Our servers are secured by state-of-the-art technologies.

04How can I contact Tuga Trades?

You can contact Tuga Trades at contact@tugatrades.com or by using our live chat located at the bottom right side of your screen.

05How to deposit

Creating a deposit is simple. Head toward the deposit page, select the currency and enter the amount you wish to deposit. After pressing proceed you will receive a wallet address. Send the amount previously entered to that address.

06Minimum deposit

Minimum amount for a deposit is starting from 0.01 BTC or 0.3 ETH

07What payment options do you accept?

You can trade using Bitcoin and Ethereum.

08After I request a withdrawal, when will I receive funds in my wallet?

Ethereum and Bitcoin withdrawals are processed within 24 business hours.

09Are there any withdrawals fee?

There are no fees for withdrawals made from your Tuga Trades account to your cryptocurrency wallet.

10Why is my withdrawal pending?

All withdrawals will be processed once they have been cleared by our fraud-prevention systems. This may take up to 24 business hours.

11How do I get started?

Getting up and running is quick and easy.

First step, create an account here. Once your account has been activated, you will need to top up your balance through a deposit

12How to trade

Access the trading page to start the trading A.I. bot. On the trading page, enter the amount and press "START TRADE".

13Service fees

There are NO service fees. When you start an arbitrary trading session, our A.I. works toward generating profit. At the end of the session, any profit above the guaranteed 5% is our profit. For a trading session that generated 11% profit, 5% goes toward the user and the remaining goes toward Tuga Trades.

14Minimum amount to trade

In order to trade you account must meet the minimum balance requirement, starting from a minimum 0.01 BTC or 0.03 ETH. Otherwise, you will be redirected to the deposit page.

15How it works

In the initial phase, we quickly scan all the exchanges on the market after assets with arbitrary trading volatility.
After the initial phase, a set of trading pairs with the highest price difference/profit ratio will be traded aggressively.
After 24 hours, your funds are available for withdrawal.

About Tuga Trades

Tuga Trades is a company based in London and provides the most advanced arbitrary trading platform for investors who are looking to trade on the price differences between exchanges and have a guaranteed profit.

As cryptocurrency trading company, we aiming for leadership in the arbitrary trading sector. We will guarantee you with a safe space to invest your money and receive a solid profit every hour of the day. Therefore to do that we are planning to provide you with the most developed and the most innovative investment strategies that are designed to produce and promote long term financial profits.